Presearch Token Sale Terms
270 King Street
Midland, Ontario, Canada

1. Background is a Canadian company that is developing a decentralized search engine with a blockchain-powered advertising payment system.

2. Parties

The parties to this agreement are (“Presearch”), a Canadian Federal corporation (#1031247-9) headquartered in Midland, Canada, and you, a purchaser familiar with blockchain software systems (“You” or “Your”). Blockchain software is a rapidly developing area of applied computer science/mathematics. You should not place an order with Presearch if You are not comfortable using Blockchain technology such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

3. Presearch Software and Tokens

Presearch is developing a search engine and related software systems (the “Presearch Software”). The Presearch Software will allow Sponsors and users to interact through a software-based mediation layer that makes use of blockchain-based tokens (“PREs”).

4. Order and Delivery

You are pre-ordering a certain quantity of PREs (“Your Order”) to be delivered to Your Presearch account. Presearch shall retain Your Order of PRE Tokens until you request to withdraw your PREs to an external wallet.

5. Credit Card Payment

PRE tokens purchased with a credit card are not able to be withdrawn to the blockchain or transferred to another user's account for 7 months from the date of purchase. This is to protect against chargebacks and loss. Credit card can be made by:

6. Cancellation of Your Order Due to Non-Payment

If You do not pay for Your Order within twenty-four hours of ordering then Presearch reserves the right to cancel Your Order.

7. PREs and Blockchain Technology

PREs can be accessed through the Ethereum network in the form of an “ERC-20” token. There will be a period of time following Your Order in which PREs will be tracked by the Presearch internally and not on a public blockchain (e.g. Ethereum). The maximum number of PRE Tokens that can be created is 500 million as per the Ethereum blockchain smart contract:

8. Redemption of PREs by Presearch

PREs are redeemable for services from Presearch at rates posted on the Presearch website, and will change according to the usage of the Presearch platform as well as the specific settings of your campaign. Prices are not guaranteed by Presearch and/or users of the Presearch Software. There may be further terms applicable to the services delivered in exchange for PREs.

9. Not Purchase of Software, Equity or Ownership

You are not purchasing the Presearch Software (or any software at all), or Equity, or an Ownership stake in Presearch. Presearch PRE Tokens are to be used in the Presearch ecosystem, primarily to sponsor advertisements to Presearch users, who earn a portion of the token paid in exchange for their time and attention. There are ancillary uses of PREs such as buying merchandise, staking tokens to show support for various Presearch initiatives, accessing virtual real estate or to obtain priority placement on lists, however, none of these uses are guaranteed or assured.

10. Presearch Software Launch Dates

Presearch may provide guidance on the expected launch dates of new or improved Presearch Software, but due to the uncertain nature of software development and pioneering aspects of the Presearch Software, the actual launch date may differ from Presearch’s expectations or announcements.

11. Search Engine Use

PREs are intended to be used only for search engine-related applications such as paying for sponsorships, advertising or search rewards.

12. Securing Your Order and PRE

Presearch strongly recommends that You take steps to ensure that Your Order credentials are not intercepted in transit or stolen while at rest on Your computing device. Your Order credentials will allow anyone possessing them to take control of Your Order of PREs. You shall be solely responsible for securing Your Order.

13. Use of PRE for Transactions

The number of PREs necessary to effect a transaction in relation to the Presearch search engine will vary considerably based on how and when you use your PREs. Presearch specifically disclaims any responsibility for losses, lost opportunity, or damages related to Your inability to run Your intended advertising campaign due to an insufficient number of PREs.

14. Non-Refundable

Presearch shall have no obligation to honour requests to refund Your Order.

15. Over-Allocation of PREs

Presearch shall make commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that PREs are not oversold (i.e. more sales of PREs than the fixed number available). In the event that PREs are oversold then Presearch shall fill orders on a “first come, first served”-basis. If Your Order is within an oversold lot then Presearch shall provide PREs to You on a pro-rata basis and refund the difference. For example, if You order 50 tokens for $50 and only 30 are available then You will receive 30 tokens and be refunded $20. Presearch shall promptly notify You if Your Order falls within an oversold lot.

16. Integrity of Sale Process

In order to maintain the integrity of the PRE sale process Presearch reserves the right to cancel (and initiate a refund for) Your Order if it determines, in its sole discretion, that You have manipulated Presearch’s sales process through technological means or deception. Presearch also reserves the right to limit the sale of PRE Tokens to any purchaser to respect any maximum token ownership limitations that Presearch decides to institute at its sole discretion.

17. No Warranty

Presearch does not warrant that Your Order will be suitable for Your purposes (or any purpose) and is offered to You without any warranty whatsoever, on an “as-is” basis. Presearch shall not be liable for any losses, damages, claims, economic damages, or any other money amounts related to Your Order, to the maximum extent permitted by law, in tort, contract, negligence or any other theory of law.

18. Lost Order Credentials

If You lose access to, or destroy, Your Order credentials then You may not be ├čable to access the corresponding PREs. It may not be technically possible for Presearch to recover or replace lost or destroyed credentials, and the possibility of this is entirely at Your own risk.

19. Disclaimer of Risk

PREs only have utility within the context of the Presearch Software (and any related smart contracts). You agree not to hold Presearch responsible for issues related to the Ethereum blockchain, PREs, Presearch Software, or any other related components, including failure to complete any aspect of the project in line with forward-looking technical plans or technical limitations of the project that reduces or completely eliminates the utility of PREs to You. You specifically agree that Presearch (including its directors, officers, and employees) shall not be responsible for any of the following risks: Presearch Software may not launch due to unforeseen technical difficulties and Your Order will consequently have no use with respect to the Presearch Software; or, vulnerabilities in underlying blockchain technology, e.g. the Ethereum platform, such as flaws in its EVM implementation or smart contract exploits; or, problems with the Ethereum blockchain that cause You to not receive Your PREs; or, theft or loss of Your private keys; or, vulnerabilities of the cryptographic foundations of Ethereum (upon which PREs may rely) or any other blockchain that Presearch may employ; or, bugs or unintended operation of smart contracts related to PREs due to Presearch’s error, mistake, or inadvertence; or, regulatory changes in Your local jurisdiction that prohibit PREs, the use of search engines similar to the Presearch Software, Ethereum, or other related technologies; or, wallet software that You use to manage PREs may contain bugs or operate in a way that results in You losing access to PREs. You hereby represent and warrant that You understand the above risks and waive any claims in relation to the realization of the above risks.

20. Compliance with Local Law

There may be laws that apply to Your Order in Your jurisdiction. You shall be solely responsible for compliance with local law and shall indemnify Presearch against any liability (including the costs of defending against claimed liability) incurred as a result of Your non-compliance. This includes local tax law. Presearch Tokens may be a taxable commodity in Your jurisdiction. You and solely you are responsible for ensuring that all relevant local taxes are declared and paid. Presearch shall not be responsible for tax compliance in the jurisdiction in which you reside, unless you are located in Ontario, Canada, where Presearch is domiciled.

21. Limitation of Liability

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Presearch shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for any indirect, economic, special, incidental, exemplary, consequential, or punitive damages, lost profits, lost revenue, lost earnings, lost tokens, corrupted wallet data, failure to realize any savings, gains, losses or any other damage or loss to You. Notwithstanding any other provision of this agreement, Presearch’s liability to You shall be limited to the lesser of: a) $100 USD or b) the Canadian dollar value (at the time of purchase) of any consideration paid for Your PREs.

22. Electronic Communications

By placing an Order You agree that Presearch may contact You with marketing information, product information related to Presearch Software, or any other information that may be relevant to Your Order, using any electronic means (such as email or SMS).

23. Currency

All references to currency are to United States dollars (USD) unless otherwise specified.

24. Governing Law and Choice of Forum

Any dispute related to this agreement shall be governed by the laws of Ontario, Canada, and heard in the courts of the County of Simcoe, Ontario, Canada.

25. Severance

If any provision of this agreement is deemed to be unenforceable or unlawful by a court or competent authority then the offending provision shall be struck out and the remaining provisions shall continue in effect.

26. Assignment

Presearch may assign this agreement as part of a sale of all or substantially all of its assets. You shall not be permitted to assign this agreement.

27. Force Majeure

Presearch shall not be liable for any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations (or Presearch Software) if the reason for the failure or delay is an issue with the Ethereum blockchain or any other event or circumstance beyond Presearch’s control.

28. Notice

You may provide notice to Presearch by contacting

29. Communication

Please be vigilant in your communication with Presearch and ensure you are absolutely sure you are dealing directly with project team members. Impersonators on Telegram, phishing attempts, replica websites and fake social media accounts are a real problem in the digital currency space. Please report any unusual activities to

Official communication channels for Presearch include:

30. Entire Agreement

This is the entire agreement between the parties with respect to PREs, advertising, or any other aspect of the Presearch Software and supersedes any other understanding, representations or agreements between the parties.